Well I guess the Yahoo! Publisher Program is ahead of Google Adsense with one minor thing and that is payment options. Perhaps they could be opening the option after the beta is over for other countries to receive payments faster and easier. I’m for one happy that they have added this option although I prefer direct deposit because there are no fees involved at all. With a business Paypal account a percentage is deducted every time that your receive any type of payments. If you have low standing you might want to opt in the paypal option to receive your payment faster but with a small fee!

Here is how you activate it in your account:

So it is with PayPal, which, we wanted to remind you, is now a payment option for publishers in our network. There are a number of bennies to using PayPal:

* Payment requires a minimum balance of just $50, as opposed to $100 for checks
* Same-day payment—whereas check payments are made seven to ten days after we receive the request (payments will still be issued on pre-determined days)
* No-fee transfers to your PayPal account, so you don’t pay more for the convenience

To add PayPal to your account, go to the “Payment Options” page under the Account Information tab, check the PayPal radio button, and click “Submit.”