Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 9 by Nuance
Today, for the first time I’m testing out the latest Dragon Naturally Speaking program. I find it very to be quite good.

I had to train it several times. And because I have a webcam and a Altec Lancing headset mic-in microphone I ran into some difficulties. But overall it is very intuitive. After playing around with it, I managed to spit out articles with 450 words in about 5 minutes, plus editing which was another 2 minutes. I can say that isn’t bad at all. In the past I have outsourced many articles and I still will for more topics that I don’t have much interest or know absolutely NOTHING about.

I never thought after taking those Speech Recognition classes at Georgetown, that I would be using it. That class was quite boring, well at least the professor. Looking back I still remember a good thing or two 🙂

I recommend anyone who needs to dictate or write constantly to give Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 or previous versions a try!