Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 9 by Nuance
Today, for the first time I’m testing out the latest Dragon Naturally Speaking program. I find it very to be quite good.

I had to train it several times. And because I have a webcam and a Altec Lancing headset mic-in microphone I ran into some difficulties. But overall it is very intuitive. After playing around with it, I managed to spit out articles with 450 words in about 5 minutes, plus editing which was another 2 minutes. I can say that isn’t bad at all. In the past I have outsourced many articles and I still will for more topics that I don’t have much interest or know absolutely NOTHING about.

I never thought after taking those Speech Recognition classes at Georgetown, that I would be using it. That class was quite boring, well at least the professor. Looking back I still remember a good thing or two 🙂

I recommend anyone who needs to dictate or write constantly to give Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 or previous versions a try!

Yesterday I backed up my 120gb laptop using Microsofts free sync toy. This free program is pretty fast and not so bulky as a lot of paid programs. Much much better than the installed backup system on Windows systems.

A good review of using sync at this blog is neat.

When I lost my hard drive back in 2003 I’ve made it my mission to keep backups as often as possible. Hard work down the drain is something I don’t wish on anyone :(.

Download Microsoft SyncToy

Today I changed over my Sauna website from .html pages to WordPress. I’m quite happy how it turned out. I’m still in the testing phase. Now I can update content wherever I am.

Here is a screenshot of Home Sauna Tips
Build a sauna

Things to do:

Add more reviews, photos and interviews.

If you are interested in commenting or have any questions please ask at the site.

The Sauna Steam Power ebook will also go on sale in the next few weeks.