Auction ads to put it simple is very awesome. I like it because its easy to add to any site and ebay has a truck load of items ranging from weird to luxury. My total is far from something to brag about but placing the ads on websites that hardly get much traffic has done pretty decent.

I average about 300 impressions a day which is very low. Total revenue earned 15 including $11.56 from May 13th. Not too bad and the minimum to receive a check is $10 by paypal.

A good offer is going around by Text Link Ads who are offering their customers that join AuctionAds $5.00 deposited into your new auction ads account. Pretty good stuff considering the minimum for a check is $10 you’re almost halfway there 🙂

So go over to TLA to sign up for a free account there and then sign up for Auction Ads!

Good luck